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Our Services.

Radiator Repairs & Replacement • All Makes and Models

Whether it’s overheating problems, leaking, poor A/C or regular maintenance, Okanagan Radiators Ltd. is committed to providing great customer service and quality work done in a timely manner.


Same Day Service

Okanagan Radiators proudly offers parts & service for almost any vehicle type, including domestic & import automobiles, commercial trucks and industrial use vehicles. We’re also equipped to handle service on fuel tanks and air conditioning systems for most vehicles, including heavy-duty equipment and commercial transport vehicles.

What We Do.

When you’ve got a cooling problem, come to us. The team at Okanagan Radiator Ltd. has been solving radiator and cooling system issues promptly and professionally for over 40 years.


Your car’s radiator is a critical component of your engine’s operational system.


Fast & Reliable Radiator Repair Service for All Commercial Vehicles.


We specialize in radiator service repairs and replacement for all industrial vehicles.


It’s important to ensure your vehicle’s AC system is functioning optimally.

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